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Application Integration. SOAP Web Service and XML

Note: This video is deprecated.

Application Integration. Consuming SOAP Web Services

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API integration is fashionable. It is close to impossible to find a modern web application that doesn’t expose an API. That’s fabulous news for integration but it leaves behind the backbone of IT infrastructure today, the legacy applications that businesses rely on for day to day processes.

API integration allows a software or web applications to communicate with other software in a programmatic way.

UiPath builds a bridge between the new and the old world by automating in the same script web services and legacy applications. Thus, UiPath works both ways: it automatically extracts data from one application and passes it to a web service and the other way around - retrieves data from a web service and inputs it to another app.

While you already know how UiPath automates user interface, I’ll show you today how you can call a web service to get the weather information for a specific city.A web service is the most common way to connect two applications or electronic devices over the Internet. The 2 most common type of web service we'll discuss is SOAP and REST

This is a simple and non-intrusive automation yet a powerful solution in extracting data and provide a seamless integration between web apps and services.

In the next video, we're going to demonstrate another type of web service called REST.