Citrix Automation Video Tutorial

Video Tutorials

Image and Text Automation

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • How to automate virtualized applications and how to manually add actions to the recorded workflow
  • Using the OCR engine to scan the screen of the virtual machine for text.

Most used activities:

  • Click Image - action you can use to click on mostly anything (as long as the image you choose is unique): buttons, menus, text, or even somewhere relative to such an element.
  • Click Text - it uses OCR to scan the screen of the virtual machine, enables you to extract a specified piece of text and clicks on it (or next to it, depending on your choice).
  • Select & Copy - is the easiest output method being used in Citrix automation, but works only for selectable text, like text boxes.
  • Scrape Relative - allows you to scrape just a portion of an image, relative to an anchor.

Tip: For faster automation in virtual machines (such as Citrix), you can avoid using mouse interactions, and replace them with keyboard actions such as navigating with the Tab key, and using keyboard shortcuts to activate different functions of the application.