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Citrix Automation. Click Relative to a Scraped Text

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Citrix Automation and Advanced Citrix Automation for the newer versions. 

Automate Citrix using OCR Screen Scraping

A very useful technique we learned to capture data in Citrix is by sending keyboard commands like copy and paste, selecting a text, tabbing, and so on. Using these commands we can transfer data through the Shared Clipboard.

In this video we will show that instead of using an image, we can scrape text as our reference point. This technique makes our Citrix automation much more reliable and flexible.

Why use text instead of image?

In some cases, other systems may have a different display and UI properties. Sometimes user changed the default font of the system or changed the style and colour properties of the Windows apps and buttons. In this case, the Image capture won't be reliable. So by using the TEXT makes our Citrix automation more reliable when it comes to to find the elements on the screen.

The Process

This is much easier than you think. UiPath will scrape all text available in the Citrix App.

  1. The Screen Scraper Wizard will start after clicking the Citrix window using Text > Mouse > Click.
  2. You can then find the text where you want to perform the action. In our sample workflow, we use Email: and Employee number: as our reference point for the click event.
  3. Our cursor is now ready to take a keyboard action. That’s where we sent Keyboard > Type activity to fill in the data.