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Citrix Automation. Data Entry

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Citrix Automation and Advanced Citrix Automation for the newer versions. 

Data entry automation in Citrix

UiPath is an amazing tool that allows you to build desktop automation for virtual applications which are accessible through Citrix or remote desktops. You will be introduced to some of the basic and helpful ways in working with UiPath for Citrix by manually indicating the steps and specifying actions of each activity.

Through this video, you will learn to create an Citrix automation workflows that allows you to type text into an application and clicks a button. This application is running in a virtual desktop.

A virtual desktop is an application that runs on another computer and its graphical interface is streamed to your computer. Most known virtualization technology comes from Citrix and for simplicity we will refer to automating such virtual application as Citrix automation. It plays an important role in small to corporate companies like BPO and contact centers where applications are being accessed remotely because of security considerations.

We will prove that UiPath works even with the most complex applications like remote desktops. Today we'll show the basics of  to data entry automation on Citrix. 


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