Video Tutorials

Control Flow

Control flow is a concept that refers to the order in which particular actions are taken. In UiPath, you can do this through the activities you drop to your workflow, If...Else or For Each statements and carefully-placed loops.

In this video, the use of If Else decision, in both the flowchart and sequence modes, is presented through a workflow example that verifies if a given year is a leap year or not. 

Using Loops

Loops are structures used to automate repetitive tasks.

In flowcharts, the simplest types of loops can be created by connecting a certain point in our workflow to an eariler execution one. 

In sequences, there are special activities (or containers) that repeat the action that is inside the body section. 

The While and Do While loops work by repeating a given set of actions from the body while the specified condition is true. The only difference between the two is the order in which the 2 elements are executed:

  • While - if the condition is met, the set of actions in the body are executed.
  • Do While - the actions are executed and then, if the condition is met, the actions are executed again.

The For Each loop works by iterating through a list of items, one item at a time, and executing whatever actions are in the body of the action.