Email Automation Video Tutorial

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UiPath Essentials Training - Automation 3.3

This video tutorial has been created to help you learn how to include email interactions in your automation process. Depending on the email provider used by your company and the steps you are looking to perform, certain activities are more suitable than others.

From an RPA perspective, two situations for email interactions have been identified:

  1. Input of a Process
    • Names and IDs coming in subject or body
    • Input files coming as attachments (.xls, .pdf)
  2. Output of a Process
    • Progress reports to managers
    • Exception alerts

The UiPath.Mail.Activities package includes all the activities related to e-mails.

They enable you to send emails via the SMTP protocol, or read them via the POP3 one. The Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) can be used for receiving e-mails, marking them as read or moving them between folders.

Microsoft’s enterprise email solution, Exchange, is fully integrated in Studio. Therefore, activities for sending, receiving, moving emails between folders and deleting them are featured.

Outlook activities are easier to configure and do not require you to set up servers, users or other details, as they work with the API of the desktop application and with already existing Outlook accounts.

The most generic email activities enable you to save messages as .eml files and mail attachments to the local drive.