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UiPath Project Organization

 In this video, you’ll learn how to best organise your projects as to maximise efficiency: yours, as well as that of your automations. A well-organized project must follow four standards: it must be Reliable, Efficient, Maintainable and Extensible.

This tutorial will teach you best practices on how to:

  • Pick an appropriate layout for each workflow
  • Break the whole process in smaller workflows
  • Use exception handling
  • Make your workflows readable
  • Keep it clean

The Invoke Workflow activity is one of the main tools for breaking up a workflow in smaller components. Right clicking any sequence, flowchart, container or activity and selecting Extract as Workflow will save it as a separate workflow and replace it with an Invoke Workflow activity that points to the extracted workflow.

Breaking an automation into coherent subsections using separate workflows is important because it allows focus on:

  • Collaborating by working on separate workflow files
  • Developing and testing automations
  • Reusing workflows within and across projects
  • Keeping environment settings in a dedicated file

The final part of the video will cover building a full process with multiple sub-workflows, to showcase a real-world example of project organization.