Video Tutorials


What you’ll learn in this video:

  • About the differences and similarities between the types of recorders: 
    • Basic – generates a full selector for each activity and no container, the resulted workflow is slower than one that uses containers and is suitable for single activities.
    • Desktop – suitable for all types of desktop apps and multiple actions; it is faster than the Basic recorder, and generates a container (with the selector of the top level window) in which activities are enclosed, and partial selectors for each activity.
    • Web – designed for recording in web apps and browsers (supported: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome), generates containers and uses the Simulate Type/Click input method by default.
    • Citrix – used to record virtualized environments (VNC, virtual machines, Citrix, etc.) or SAP, permits only image, text and keyboard automation, and requires explicit positioning.
  • How to use the automatic recorder to interact and record actions in different types of applications.
  • How to use manual recordings to input and output data from a custom app.
  • Modify the parameters of a workflow and its activities.
  • More ways of automating tasks using the recorder and manual method.