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UiPath Essesntial Training - 4 3 Selectors

Selectors represent an essential part of UiPath Studio and UI automation in general. Understanding how to generate reliable selectors and how to use them helps you develop processes that are dependable.

User interfaces and HTML web pages are built using a series of containers, nested one inside the other. Selectors store these attributes, in the shape of an XML fragment so that a specific element from a window or page can be identified.

Most of the times, selectors are automatically generated by Studio and do not require further input from you, especially if the apps you are trying to automate have a static user interface.

When these no longer suffice, you have to manually tweak them. This is possible through a tool integrated in Studio, called UiExplorer. It enables you to interact with UI objects, and automatically generates selectors. Additionally and most importantly, it enables you to explore all available UI attributes, tags and values, and make changes to selectors. For example, you can include or exclude certain attributes or add wildcards to dynamically-changing values.

After completing this video tutorial, you are going to know what selectors are, how they work, how to build your own and how to debug them.