Video Tutorials

The Basics of Desktop Automation

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Control Flow for the newer version. 


Quick start with Desktop Automation

The UiPath Record feature captures the action in our computer screen in three ways:

  • Record Existing will record the current running applications.
  • Record Web will record the action in the browser by specifying the website URL you’ll use.
  • Record App allows you to specify an application you want to record.
No other automation software offers this kind of capability. When you start creating workflow in UiPath, you will have an option to start from a blank workflow or start directly with recording. Select "Recording Sequence" to create the workflow from a recorder.

Macro Recorder

UiPath’s recorder allows you to simulate the actions you have taken during the screen recording. In our sample workflow, the recording starts with specifying the location of the App. Once the cursor changes to a blue hand pointer, mouse actions like clicking or double-clicking will be recorded.

Captured actions will be saved as individual activities with screenshots. Thus making it much easier to understand the recorded workflow activities.