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Variables. Passing Data Inside a Workflow

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Activities, Variables and Data Types for the newer version. 


Properties Panel

Selecting an activity in UiPath allows you to inspect its "Properties". Properties are set of fields that can be modified to change the behavior of a certain activity. It is located on the right side of the workflow. We can set the properties directly in the Properties section or we can double click on it.

Input and Output

Many of the activities in the workflow requires both an INPUT and an OUTPUT. In our sample workflow, the “Input Dialog” have two basic INPUT properties, “Title” add “Label”. The Output is what users entered and is stored in a variable


UiPath automatically generates variable name. In the case of our Input dialog, the variable is “stringInputDialog1” which can be modified manually in the Variables Panel. This variable saved whenever a user has entered something in the Input box.

Passing data from one activity to another?

Passing data can be easily done using variables. In our sample workflow, our message box has an input variable “message” which displays the data of the output variable of the Input Dialog, “name”.

We use the “Assign” activity to concatenate the string “Hello” and the name of entered by the user.

To sum it up, the Input box have a variable which will store the data entered by the user.

The Assign Activity gives another value to our message box by adding a word andour message box will display the data in the variable named "message".