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Web Automation. Automate Web Data Entry. CSV to Salesforce

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Advanced UI Automation and Recording for the newer versions. 

Web Data Entry Automation

In this video, you’ll learn how to create web automations that will automatically upload contacts from a CSV file into your Salesforce account.

If you already have a Salesforce account and you want to import contacts, this video shows you simple steps in creating the workflow.

UIPath will perform all actions automatically. It logs in, goes to the Contacts page and enter the values from the CSV file. You will have a solution of importing large amount of data to your Salesforce contacts or other CRM Software!

Record Web

The Web Recorder feature of UiPath allows you to record actions taken on your web browser. You don’t have to open it manually, it will open it automatically for you as well.

Page is too long?

During the recording, you might need to perform a scroll on the page. No worries, you can Press F2 to delay the recording and continue what you have left off.

CSV here we go!

We even made it easier for you to capture data from a CSV file. Read from CSV activity is all what you need – no matter how small or big the data in it!


Let it Loop!

Do you still remember those days you need to manually enter huge amount of data from a spreadsheet to an application or vice versa? Yeah, I know how it feels. Say good bye to boring and tasking data entries and say hello to For Each Row in Datable! In our sample video, it fetches all the data from the CSV file based on the specified row header from the CSV. It only ends when there is no data to fetch. That’s 100% hands-free job for you.

Use it while it’s hot

Now you have a solution of migrating large amount of data to any legacy or web applications. Use the technique shown in this video and let the power of automation be at your side!

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