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Product and Updates

April 27, 2020

UiPath 2020.4 Monthly Update: A Studio Edition for Everyone

In the April 2020 monthly update, learn about UiPath Studio Pro, the newest member of the Studio family. There's a Studio edition for everyone!

march 2020 uipath monthly product update

Product and Updates

March 23, 2020

UiPath 2020.3 Monthly Update

Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon shares the March 2020 UiPath product updates for UIAutomation.Next, Studio, StudioX, Document Processing, and more.

annie spratt AkftcHujUmk unsplash

Product and Updates

February 24, 2020

UiPath 2020.2 Monthly Update

Learn about the February 2020 updates for UiPath AI Fabric, Document Understanding, UiPath Studio, StudioX, and more.

attended robots uipath agent desktop

Product and Updates

February 18, 2020

Agent Desktop: A New Way of Looking at Attended Automation

The newly created UiPath Agent Desktop includes a new user interface and capabilities, making attended automation easier and more productive.

nesa by makers IgUR1iX0mqM unsplash

Product and Updates

January 27, 2020

UiPath 2020.1 Monthly Update

Check out the January 2020 UiPath product updates, innovations, major releases, and new integrations with third-party AI technologies.

uipath licensing migration

Product and Updates

January 24, 2020

Licensing Server Migration: All the Information You Need for a Smooth Transition

UiPath will be transitioning to a new, in-house licensing solution in order to deliver an enhanced experience for our customers.

uipath lts release updates

Product and Updates

December 11, 2019

UiPath 2019.11 Monthly Update

Check out the latest UiPath product updates and features including an enhanced UI for Agent Desktop and a new integration with Microsoft Teams.

IMG 8439

Product and Updates

November 7, 2019

Crowdsourcing Innovation: How You Guide Our Roadmap

Discover how crowdsourcing innovation offers new capabilities to the continuum of intelligent automation solutions and democratization of RPA.

uipath explorer scientific way to plan automation

Product and Updates

October 15, 2019

Utilize a Scientific Approach to Plan Your Automation Strategy

The UiPath Explorer Family of products, makes it easy it to identify, document, analyze and prioritize processes through scientific and visual analysis.

2019 lts release uipath

Product and Updates

October 15, 2019

UiPath 2019: Long Term Support Release

See the 2019 LTS release of the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform. Get delivered innovation in every phase, accelerating return on automation.

easier enterprise scaling rpa

Product and Updates

October 15, 2019

Simplify Your Enterprise Robotic Process Automation

Discover new capabilities that simplify deployment, ongoing management, and compliance of the robot workforce in the largest enterprise environments.

building the future one rpa robot at a time

Product and Updates

October 15, 2019

Building the Future, One Robot at a Time

See how UiPath is bringing automation to the masses with the new StudioX. Download the Community Edition and get started designing and building today.

uipath robots do heavy lifting for you

Product and Updates

October 15, 2019

Have Your Robots Do the Heavy Lifting

Learn how to be at peak productivity with your own robot, letting RPA do the heavy lifting. At UiPath, we imagine a world with a robot for everyone.

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