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Product and Updates

February 19, 2019

UiPath 2019.2 Monthly Update

UiPath Chief Product Officer discusses recent UiPath innovations including UiPath AI Computer Vision, new integrations, and the UiPath 2019 Fast Track Preview.


Product and Updates

February 19, 2019

The New UiPath AI Computer Vision Is Now in Public Preview

Announcing the public preview of the new UiPath AI Computer Vision built on deep learning. Watch a demo of the new AI Computer Vision in action!

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Product and Updates

February 6, 2019

UiPath Introduces A New Release Strategy

Announcing a new UiPath release strategy with a more frequent delivery cycle to enable you to select the Platform release best suited for your business.


Product and Updates

January 22, 2019

Supervise RPA On the Go: Introducing the New UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App

The new UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App enables you to monitor your digital workforce on the go using you iOS- or Android-based device.

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Product and Updates

December 17, 2018

2018.4 Release- Long Term Support and Accelerated Time to RPA Value

Introducing UiPath 2018.4 Release, our Long Term Support version incorporating two years of innovation and a multitude of enhanced features.

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Product and Updates

October 25, 2018

2018.3 Release: Accelerating the Time to Value for RPA

Please, enjoy the release of UiPath 2018.3, our most comprehensive upgrade to the fastest selling Enterprise RPA Platform.


Product and Updates

June 12, 2018

Accelerating AI with the 2018.2 release of the UiPath Enterprise RPA platform

UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform - New licensing model, powerful real-time analytics, integrated intelligent OCR, natural language processing & machine learning.

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Product and Updates

March 28, 2018

UiPath at Work: Automating the Invoice Process

Optimizing the accounts payable process can be a difficult and frustrating undertaking for many companies, but RPA has proved to be God's gift.

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Product and Updates

February 8, 2018

UiPath Announces the Availability of UiPath 2018 Platform – Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Transformation through Enterprise Automation

UiPath 2018 brings higher operational resiliency, increased flexibility, and more robust security, with machine learning capabilities and new AI services.

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Product and Updates

February 8, 2018

UiPath 2018 Release: Setting the Seal on Enterprise Automation

UiPath 2018 release brings enterprise scale flexibility and robust security while also benefiting from embedded machine learning capabilities.

accurate web automation with rpa

Product and Updates

December 1, 2017

Completely Accurate Web Automation with RPA

Take a look at UiPath web automation which has an integrated recorder that can read and enact web-based activities. Check out UiPath web automation in action.


Product and Updates

August 14, 2017

UiPath 2017.1 Release: Bringing High Scalability to Large RPA Deployments

The new UiPath major release delivers simplicity, scalability, power, and implementation speed to your virtual workforce.

macro recorder free tool automate mouse actions

Product and Updates

February 6, 2017

Macro Recorder: Your Guide to a Free Tool to Automate Keyboard And Mouse Actions

Use the UiPath macro recorder for free, which takes care of your macro recording needs while also providing access to the rest of the UiPath platform.

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