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RPA Market Update and Open Mic with CEO Daniel Dines

February 20th 11am-12pm EST / 4pm-5pm GMT

Why UiPath Live?

There’s no doubt Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has exploded over the last few years. However, some are still unclear on how it’s doing now and where RPA will go from here.

So, we’re broadcasting UiPath Live to keep you in the know. We’ll review RPA market data and its state of health, and share UiPath 2019 results and key automation product advances.

Watch our broadcast now on-demand with Daniel Dines, UiPath CEO, hosted by Mary Tetlow, Global VP of Brand Experience, and Diego Lomanto, VP of Product Marketing.

UiPath Live! Hosts in NYC Studio

What will you take away?

Saikat Ray

Why Gartner chose ‘hyperautomation’ as the
#1 tech trend

Hear Saikat Ray explain—for the first time outside of a Gartner event—what hyperautomation is, and how it’ll evolve in 2020 and beyond.

Saikat Ray,
Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner Research
Ashim Gupta – UiPath Chief Financial Officer

Get an inside view on UiPath 2019 year-end results from our CFO

Get an inside view on UiPath’s revenue and financial performance year-end results in 2019 from our CFO.

Ashim Gupta, 
UiPath Chief Financial Officer
Param Kahlon – UiPath Chief Product Officer

An update on the UiPath product roadmap

Catch up on our product developments, like StudioX and Insights, plus get the latest on new releases like Process Mining (formerly Process Gold) that make up the hyperautomation suite.

Param Kahlon,
UiPath Chief Product Officer
Tom Clancy – UiPath Chief Learning Officer

How ‘A Robot for Every Person’ is becoming a reality

Learn how customers and academic institutions are building ground-breaking RPA programs.

Tom Clancy,
UiPath Chief Learning Officer
Daniel Dines - UiPath CEO

Daniel Dines unfiltered
Q&A session

It’s open mic time, so let’s hear what’s on your minds! Daniel will answer attendee questions live. Join to submit your questions.

Daniel Dines,
UiPath CEO

Watch our broadcast on-demand