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UiPath Certified Professional Program Framework June 2024

UiPath Certifications for all Automation roles​

UiPath Certified Professional Program Framework comprises two distinct levels: Associate and Professional (previously referred to as Advanced). Associate level certifications prepare you for entry-level positions or enhance your impact on process automation projects, while Professional level certifications boost your credibility and open doors for career growth.

Retired Certifications

* To earn the Automation Developer Professional certification, an Associate level certification in Developer – Automation (or former Developer - RPA) Track is recommended but not required.

** The Specialized AI Professional certification has a mandatory prerequisite. Please refer to the exam description for detail.

*** The Automation Solution Architect Professional certification has a mandatory prerequisite. Please refer to the exam description for detail.

  • Automation Developer

    Tailored for individuals in technical roles seeking deeper expertise in designing and developing complex Automation solutions within the Robotic Enterprise Framework.

    Automation Developer Associate

    The Automation Developer Associate certification indicates foundational automation competency. This introductory certification is the first step for professionals beginning their journey in automation. It is designed to help you build the foundational knowledge and skills needed to progress towards becoming an advanced automation developer, solution architect, or automation architect. This certification evaluates:

    • Problem-solving and process identification skills

    • Building simple automation solutions

    Who’s this certification for?

    • College graduates, junior automation developers, automation architects, solution architects, business analysts, accountants, etc. If you are an experienced automation developer, you may skip the associate level.

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    Automation Developer Professional

    The Automation Developer Professional certification indicates a proven understanding and extensive hands-on experience with UiPath tools such as Studio, Robots, and Orchestrator. This certification evaluates the ability to independently build complex and efficient automation solutions. Who’s this certification for?

    • Professionals with 12+ months of working experience developing automation solutions

    • Professionals in technical automation roles, such as advanced automation developers, solution architects, automation architects, etc.

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  • Automation Developer - Specialized AI

    A specialized path within the Developer Track and is designed to recognize those with extensive experience in constructing and developing intelligent robots integrated with cognitive capabilities spanning AI, ML, and NLP.

    Specialized AI Associate

    UiPath Certified Professional Specialized AI Associate certification represents the ability to describe the technological landscape of AI and process automation and articulate how businesses can benefit from these technologies. 

    The specialized AI Associate certification is designed for individuals in technical roles who have some experience with Document Understanding and Communication Mining and is a first step towards building advanced competencies in process automation and intelligent document processing (IDP). 

    Who's this certification for?

    • Junior automation developers and students who have some hands-on experience with Studio, Orchestrator, Document Understanding, and Communication Mining  

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    Specialized AI Professional

    The Specialized AI Professional certification signifies a strong understanding of, and extensive hands-on experience with, UiPath Document Understanding, Communication Mining, and AI Center.

    This certification evaluates the capability to independently build or lead production-level automations using UiPath Document Understanding and Communications Mining.

    Who’s this certification for?

    • Advanced automation developers, solution architects, automation architects, etc.

    Prerequisite: To be eligible for the Specialized AI Professional certification, at least one of the following certifications is required:  

    • Specialized AI Associate

    • Automation Developer Associate

    • Automation Developer Professional  

    • RPA Associate (UiRPA)  

    • Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD) 

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  • Solution Architect

    Tailored for individuals with strong developer background who are capable of defining technical architecture of processes and are capable of overseeing an entire automation project from the analysis stage to the operationalization stage.

    Automation Solution Architect Professional

    The Automation Solution Architect Professional certification represents extensive knowledge in architecture and automation tech stacks, as well as hands-on experience automating complex business processes. This certification evaluates the skills required for a critical role in analyzing, designing, developing, testing, and operationalizing automation solutions using UiPath products. 

    Who’s this certification for?

    • Professionals with a minimum of three years of experience as an automation developer, with the technical proficiency to create custom modules during implementation.

    • Suitable for roles such as advanced automation developers, solution architects, automation architects, etc.

    Prerequisite: To ​be eligible for Automation Solution Architect Professional certification, at least one of the following active UiPath Certified Professional certifications is required:    

    • Automation Developer Professional  

    • Advanced RPA Developer (UiARD) 

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  • Test Automation

    For individuals who are responsible for streamlining data-driven, AI-powered test automations using UiPath Test Suite.

    Test Automation Engineer Professional

    The Test Automation Engineer Professional certification represents extensive skills in orchestrating and automating an end-to-end testing workflow using UiPath Test Manager, UiPath Studio, UiPath Robots, and UiPath Orchestrator. 

    Who’s this certification for?

    • Professionals with either 3+ months experience as an automation developer using UiPath or 6+ months experience as a test automation developer.

    • Professionals with knowledge on applying testing best practices  

    • Professionals who are technically proficient and possess the knowledge/skills to work independently 

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  • Business Analyst

    Designed for those who want to apply best practices in business analysis in the context of automation, bridging the gap between business and technology for measurable results.

    Automation Business Analyst Professional

    The Automation Business Analyst Professional certification indicates skills in gathering requirements, process discovery, process analysis, and designing and implementing automations with UiPath products.  This certification evaluates comprehensive knowledge of the process automation landscape. 

    Who’s this certification for?

    • Professionals with 2+ years of experience as a business analyst that have participated in five or more process automation projects using UiPath platform. 

    • Professionals in technical, analytical, and management roles such as an automation business analyst, project manager, solution architect, change/transformation manager, etc.

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UiPath Certified Professional Program Updates

UiPath Certified Professional badges and certificates are now available on Accredible

Your existing badges and certificates have already been migrated from CertMetrics to Accredible. All new badges and certificates are issued by Accredible. Please check your email mailbox for a message from credentials@uipath.com containing your digital credential.

Please use and share your Accredible badge and certificate and use CertMetrics to update your demographics data associated with your UiPath Certified Professional certification.  For more information about digital credentials, please read UiPath Digital Credential page.

UiPath Certified Professional Program Enhancements!

UiPath Certified Professional Program Enhancements!

UiPath Certified Professional is excited to announce major Program Enhancements include an update to our Developer Track certifications and the Introduction of several brand-new certification tracks. Please visit our FAQ page to discover more about an exciting new chapter in our certification program.

Read key policies and legacy UiPath Certification information

Key program policies

Please review the detailed Program Policies and Candidate Agreement documentYou will be required to accept the terms before taking the exam. You may also want to review Pearson VUE’s exam-taking policies.

Legacy UiPath Certification

UiPath RPA Developer Advanced Certification from our previous program is valid until June 30, 2021.

Find out about special discounts or exam fee reimbursement

Purchasing vouchers in bulk

Vouchers are prepaid exam fees that allow managers to plan and drive UiPath Certifications for their teams. If you require 100+ vouchers, please contact us at ucp.operations@uipath.com for a special discount.

Student discount for Academic Alliance

Students of Academic Alliance partner institutions are eligible for a 50% discount of the exam fee. If you are an educator, please contact us for student discount vouchers at academic.alliance@uipath.com.

U.S. Military—Refund of exam fee

The cost of the UiPath Certification exams can be reimbursed for U.S. veterans under the GI Bill, Chapter 31.

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