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banks scale ppp loan forgiveness uipath robots

Industry Solutions

April 27, 2020

U.S. Banks Scale PPP Loan Forgiveness with Help from UiPath Robots

Additional money has been made available for the CARES Act. See how U.S. banks are using software robots to scale PPP loan forgiveness for small businesses.

banks scale sba loans rpa

Industry Solutions

April 10, 2020

UiPath Delivers Lightning Fast Scalability for Banks to Fulfill Historic Surge of SBA Loan Requests

See how top-tier US banks are leveraging UiPath pre-built components to accelerate their lending for SBA loan requests.

march 2020 uipath monthly product update

Product and Updates

March 23, 2020

UiPath 2020.3 Monthly Update

Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon shares the March 2020 UiPath product updates for UIAutomation.Next, Studio, StudioX, Document Processing, and more.

attended robots uipath agent desktop

Product and Updates

February 18, 2020

Agent Desktop: A New Way of Looking at Attended Automation

The newly created UiPath Agent Desktop includes a new user interface and capabilities, making attended automation easier and more productive.

jacob creswick 94550 unsplash

Industry Solutions

April 22, 2019

Flexibility is Key to Building an Effective Digital Workforce for Government Agencies

Learn why flexibility is critical when selecting the right RPA vendor for government agencies to succeed with automation implementation.



November 23, 2017

Attended Automation in Action: Three Real World Scenarios

Through a series of use cases, companies can understand the value proposition attended automation provides in a variety of contexts.

shutterstock 1069916918


July 20, 2017

Attended Or Unattended RPA? Advantages for Both Solutions

Understanding the difference between unattended and attended automation is critical for companies in reviewing and assessing their RPA needs.



June 17, 2017

The Right Customer-Facing Tasks for Automation

Companies can deploy RPA in a number of different contexts to help alleviate much of the burden associated with customer-facing tasks and duties.

15081650467 9ce5224c6d z 1


August 02, 2016

Connecting with Customers: RPA in the Front Office

How RPA can assist with the automation of front office tasks for enhanced customer service.

Robot delivering 2016 1

Product and Updates

April 07, 2016

Our New RPA Product Line – Spotlight – has Arrived!

UiPath announces a new line of robotic process automation products, bringing new RPA capabilities to front office and back office automation.

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