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Product and Updates

March 28, 2018

UiPath at Work: Automating the Invoice Process

Optimizing the accounts payable process can be a difficult and frustrating undertaking for many companies, but RPA has proved to be God's gift.

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Product and Updates

February 08, 2018

UiPath Announces the Availability of UiPath 2018 Platform – Unlocking the Full Potential of Digital Transformation through Enterprise Automation

UiPath 2018 brings higher operational resiliency, increased flexibility, and more robust security, with machine learning capabilities and new AI services.

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Product and Updates

February 08, 2018

UiPath 2018 Release: Setting the Seal on Enterprise Automation

UiPath 2018 release brings enterprise scale flexibility and robust security while also benefiting from embedded machine learning capabilities.


Product and Updates

August 14, 2017

UiPath 2017.1 Release: Bringing High Scalability to Large RPA Deployments

The new UiPath major release delivers simplicity, scalability, power, and implementation speed to your virtual workforce.

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Product and Updates

February 06, 2017

UiPath New Major Release: Leading the Way in Robotic Process Automation

This UiPath release gives customers the ability to deploy and/or upgrade existing virtual workforces with unrivaled productivity and scalability.

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Product and Updates

April 07, 2016

Our New RPA Product Line – Spotlight – has Arrived!

UiPath announces a new line of robotic process automation products, bringing new RPA capabilities to front office and back office automation.

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Product and Updates

May 09, 2015

UiPath Workflow Designer: Seeing is Believing

UiPath workflow designer delivers a terrific user experience through its visual nature. Find out more by watching the video!

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