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Why automate the automatable?

Because it’s the first step on the path to becoming a fully automated enterprise™. Repetitive tasks aren’t just boring—they waste precious time and resources while dramatically decreasing job satisfaction.

In a fully automated enterprise, robots do the mundane and repetitive work so that people can focus on more important, more inspiring work. Our ‘Automate the Automatable’ Summit is a webinar series that explores the limitless potential of using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate anything and everything that takes people away from the work they want to be doing.

Join us June 21-24 as we explore what it means to automate the automatable through expert insights, customer success stories, and workshops, all designed to help you determine what to automate and how to manage it.



Keynote Session: Why and How to Begin Automating the Automatable

A fully automated enterprise is the one where people have time to be creative, innovative, inspired. Join the Keynote discussion with Craig Dewar, Senior Director, Product Marketing at UiPath, and Anthony Abbattista, Advanced Analytics Enablement Leader at Deloitte as they explore the possibilities of end-to-end automation to help people, and robots, build better workplaces. You will learn how to:

- Transform employees' experience by equipping them with robots

- Use AI to detect and automate everything that can be automated

- Accelerate automation benefits and value

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Craig Dewar

anthony abbattista deloitte

Anthony Abbattista


BFSI: Towards Accelerated and Sustainable Automation

Today banks and financial services firms are facing pressure from three sides: interest rates regimes put in by central banks, slow economic recovery across the globe, and a post-pandemic operating model that is testing business resilience. The industry has responded to this triple threat by looking at automation as a key lever for not only survival, but actually to thrive in this new normal.

Join Amit Kumar, Global BFSI Practice Lead, UiPath and Elaine Mannix, Insurance Practice Director, UiPath, as we discuss limitless possibilities of using automation. The panelists will cover:

- Best practices for Process Discovery and applying Process Intelligence

- Enablers for accelerating the pace of automation within your firm

- Ensuring robustness of automations

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Nuno Alexandre de Carvalho Martins

Nuno Alexandre de Carvalho Martins

Ahmet Dal

Ahmet Dal

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

Elaine Mannix headshot

Elaine Mannix


Automating Finance & Accounting: From Quick Wins to End-to End Automation

In many enterprises, Finance & Accounting serves as a starting point for automation. Why? Because in the search for automatable tasks and processes, F&A is fertile ground. Join us for a panel discussion with UiPath customers Thomson Reuters and WeWork where we will explore:

- Opportunities and key value drivers for automation in finance

- How efficiency gains in F&A processes impact the entire enterprise

- What’s next as organizations move from automating the automatable to the fully automated enterprise

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Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar

David Larson

David Larson

Lance Shyr

Lance Shyr


How to Find Automatable Work in Procurement and Order Management Processes

Procurement and order management processes are at the core of your organization. During this practical webinar for business, our team will guide you through the best practices for purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes discovery. From a process graph analysis to software robots creation, learn how to:

- Analyze your corporate data and employee's knowledge to find inefficiencies

- Use Discovery Accelerators to understand the process and monitor KPIs

- Build automation to optimize your core business processes end-to-end

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mark benyovszky uipath

Mark Benyovszky

grace wang uipath

Grace Wang

Robin Mennens

Robin Mennens

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