The Reboot Your Skills Program: AUTOMATION STARTER

Discover Automation in Just 10 Days

Get ahead in your career with "Reboot Your Skills - Automation Starter"

a free introductory learning program.

Next session starts May 2


What’s included in the program

  • A tailored learning plan with on-demand UiPath Academy courses and activities

  • 24/7 access to a community of RPA practitioners on the UiPath forum

  • Free download of UiPath software

  • The Certificate of completion

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What you’ll learn

  • Get an overview of the RPA industry

  • Learn real examples of automation use cases

  • Discover UiPath tools and how you can use them

  • See how automation can help your work and your life

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How it works

At the start of each week, you’ll receive an email with an overview of the courses and activities. Complete them at any time during the week. Each week's lesson materials will take 2-3 hours.

  • Engage with interactive content—videos, practice exercises, quizzes, and more

  • Interact with your peers in discussion forums

  • Get help from UiPath experts during office hours


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