Webinar Series: UiPath 21.4 for Enterprise-Scale Automation

Deep dives on enhanced capabilities of the automation platform for scaling enterprises.

When you are on your automation journey, it may be hard to know what challenges and opportunities may arise along the way. How can you embrace innovation and stay in line with your business transformation strategy? How can you expand your automation program while maintaining centralized control? What are the pitfalls, and how can you reduce risk?

With the 21.4 platform release, UiPath helps you deal with organizational complexity and take control of your scaling automation program end-to-end.

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RECORDED: MAY 25, 2021

Making ’A Robot for Every Person™’ a Reality: Stories of Wells Fargo and Firstsource

Employees are the heart of any organization. Yet they are often stuck working on mundane tasks that hamper their productivity. How can you unlock the full potential of your organization and grow your business?  

Make it easy for your employees to work with automation. A recent IDC research finds that 80% of decision-makers who have adopted robotic process automation (RPA) provide workers with access to automation tools. 71% of workers are optimistic about automation and say they’re happy to spend time on more interesting work or get more work completed.

Join our webinar to make a robot for every person a reality in your organization and learn how: 

- Wells Fargo empowers employees to use automation in their day-to-day work

- Firstsource creates an automation culture by encouraging its workforce to build automations

- Our new 21.4 updates to UiPath Assistant and Apps improve automation experience for every business user

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Brandon Nott

Brandon Nott

Raj Panisetty

Raj Panisetty

Sundara Sukavanam

Sundara Sukavanam

Elena Buchir

Elena Buchir

RECORDED: MAY 26, 2021

Intelligent Process Discovery: Use AI to Prioritize and Accelerate Automations

When you bring the artificial intelligence (AI) lens over your key business processes, you get a complete view of everything happening. Let intelligent technology do the hard work for you. Discover automations with the highest impact on your business KPIs. In this webinar on the latest updates on UiPath discovery products, you will learn how to:

- Use Task Mining to capture employees’ activities and identify repetitive tasks

- Consolidate and prioritize all discovered automation ideas in one place

- Optimize your process outcomes by leveraging automation

Join this session to explore how AI can do the hard work for you, from giving hints on what to automate next, to moving ideas into production.

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sunil tahilramani uipath blog

Sunil Tahilramani


Bhavana Mathur

Iulia Istrate

Iulia Istrate


Agile RPA – Deliver Robust & Resilient Automations Faster

Over the past year, UiPath delivered incremental improvements to the developer experience, providing powerful capabilities necessary for scaling. But when and how do you use them to maximize your team's benefits? How can you make sure your development team is efficient and effective?

Tune in to apply the fundamentals of agile development with UiPath Platform capabilities. See how the UiPath 21.4 advancements enable core tech teams to:

- Tackle complex workflows with proven approaches and power tools

- Test and deploy new workflows 75% faster, accelerating the delivery cycle

- Reduce maintenance by up to 50%, freeing bandwidth for faster scaling

Join this session to boost your development productivity while improving quality to make your software robots work smarter and more efficiently.

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Thomas Stocker


Automation Governance: How to Scale with Control

As the automation footprint expands across your organization, it involves more end users and citizen developers. To successfully scale your automation efforts, it's important to centralize and federate the automation program. Join this release webinar as we explore the newly released Automation Ops, and explain:

- How UiPath performance improvements support the large automation programs

- What user access and role-based controls are now available for enterprises

- How resource management can reduce cost and complexity of your automation program

Automation Ops is a new entry to Automation Cloud™ that will allow users to easily govern large deployments of Studio products and UiPath Assistant. Find out how this new addition to the UiPath family helps in bringing you one step closer to a fully automated enterprise™.

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Magdalena Neagu

Magdalena Neagu

Paul Boulescu

Paul Boulescu


Automation Cloud™: Accelerate and Simplify Your Journey to the Fully Automated Enterprise™

UiPath Automation Cloud™ is the fastest, easiest way to build a fully automated enterprise. With Automation Cloud™, you are free to focus on automation and leave the infrastructure to us. Join us in this webinar to learn about the rapidly expanding range of services and platform capabilities available instantly and at scale, including:

- New services available for the first time in Automation Cloud™, and powerful new capabilities in existing services, with a focus on enabling efficient enterprise automation

- New enterprise-scale platform capabilities such as Azure AD integration for centralized management

- New tools to simplify your migration to Automation Cloud™

We look forward to showing you the best of what’s new in the UiPath 21.4 platform release!

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Tarek Madkour

Tarek Madkour

geoff anderson uipath blog

Geoff Anderson

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