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Software robots that drive the user interface like humans

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Desktop Automation

Automate rule-based business and IT processes




Great productivity with integrated recorder


UiPath Desktopintroduces a visual, declarative way of describing how to automate a process, and you can use it in the same way you use a Visio diagram. When working with the presentation layer of other apps, you simply indicate on the screen what operation you need to perform. UiPath understands the UI at the logical control level and does not rely on the position of elements on screen. This makes automation much more reliable and independent of screen-size and resolution.

100% accurate Web Automation

Automate data entry on web forms


Where is it used?

UiPath web automation uses a built-in recorder that can read and enact web-based activities. It identifies web elements by their attributes and accurately manipulate them while keeping up with website changes. It works with any website, no matter how complex it is, and can be remotely deployed on various machines

in the network. The graphical workflow editor is intuitive and requires no coding skills. Any of your employees can do it.By automating web-based workflows with UiPath, you save time, money and also ensure that accuracy requirements are paramount to your business processes. So get started today!

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The most advanced GUI automation software

Handle the GUI of third-party apps like your own


How does it work?

GUI automation is the process of simulating mouse and keyboard actions on windows and controls. Most automation tools are based either on the coordinates of the controls or the text they contain, but this is not always reliable.UiPath understands the internals of all the major GUI frameworks, from Win32 to WPF, HTML and Java. It can thus recognize graphical objects by

their platform-specific attributes, and it provides a unified GUI automation API that works the same way everywhere. In very particular scenarios, where object recognition is not available (such as with remote desktop apps or in Citrix environments), UiPath can still do a great job using image and OCR text-based automation.

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Screen Scraping Software for Desktop and Web

Featuring screen scraping of running apps


Brings credibility back to screen scraping


Screen scraping is in our genes, and we are proud to have created the world’s best screen-scraping library. UiPath began 9 years ago with a single feature that allowed very fast and 100% accurate text capture from win32 apps, and we have continuously evolved this heritage, extending its scope to new technologies. We have got you covered with the industry's most comprehensive set of options that will enable you to control how you drive the UI of other apps.

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Citrix Automation Delight

Automation made easy for Citrix enabled BPO's


Multi-user, multi machine automation

It’s a fact that many applications today are published via Citrix XenApp. A Citrix server only sends back to the client screenshots of the live application that runs on the Citrix server, so UiPath cannot access the logical elements that make up the user interface. UiPath went to great lengths to make Citrix automation possible. UiPath features a powerful image recognition engine that is optimized to find images on screen in under 100

milliseconds. Besides image recognition, the text is sent back to the client via shared clipboard or using on screen OCR. The most important thing is that, despite the inherent difficulties of automating Citrix, you can still use the integrated recorder to achieve great productivity. In fact, it takes the same amount of time to build an integration that involves Citrix as it takes to automate a regular desktop application.

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Seamless Mainframe Automation

API and Cloud Enablement for the Mainframes



Mainframes: Trusted companions through the years


Today, mainframes continue to play a strategic role in the IT logic of many organizations. They act as efficient data stores and reliable workhorses for complex processing. Meanwhile, current business climate changes call for the integration of mainframes with new applications and architectures. The challenge is to unlock the data that is housed in the mainframes in order to prime them to respond to new demands. All of this is done without having to reinvent the system.

Reliable SAP Automation Software

Automation software that drives the user interface like a human 



SAP Integration with Existing Platforms to Streamline Data Entry


Data entry is a complex task to automate. Some of the things that your employees do very well, like scanning a form for relevant information and categorizing it intelligently, is actually very hard for software to replicate. On the other hand, your employees make errors that no software package would ever make. UiPath took the best of both worlds and delivered a product that can be trained to intelligently scan forms, copy data, and replicate key presses, while making none of the transcription errors or suffering from fatigue like many data entry workers. 

In addition to streamlining the process, UiPath uses a system to abstract away unimportant information on a website or SAP software, and only pays attention to the important items. That means, regardless of how complicated your SAP software appears to be, UiPath can be trained to see only the important aspects, such as which fields to fill out and what buttons to press. 

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Excel Automation

The next step in spreadsheet productivity






A full-featured automation software tool


With UiPath Excel Automation, manipulating Excel data becomes hassle and error free. It saves precious time and relieves your employees from boring, repetitive tasks and the unnecessary burden of having to learn extensive coding. Therefore, integration with other applications is done both smoothly and safely.

UiPath Excel Automation brings you countless automation possibilities, no matter how small or elaborate the tasks you are doing:

Common Automation Examples:

  • Reading and writing data
  • Data extraction and migration
  • Sorting data and deleting duplicate rows
  • Comparing columns
  • Integrating with other applications and databases
  • Retrieving and creating workbooks
  • Running analysis reports
  • Filling in forms with data from Excel spreadsheets

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