How to Amplify Optimization and Automation Benefits with Process Mining

how process mining addresses enterprise complexity

Leaders around the world are under ever-increasing pressure to address shifting market forces impacting their organizational performance. But the complexity and interconnectedness of the modern enterprise is restricting the velocity of benefit realization.

Process mining has made it possible to challenge complexity and is having a profound impact on how today’s transformation is defined, implemented, and sustained.

New to process mining? Start with this quick introduction to process mining.

The complexity of the modern enterprise ensures the time needed to build a case for change is longer, costs more, and articulating a robust ROI is harder than ever. It’s also a catalyst for how today’s transformation is now being defined.

Executive preference is shifting from large scale technology replacement to leveraging existing technology investments. Those systems previously thought too complex, sophisticated, and costly to improve now present a realistic alternative. Transformation leaders are seeking out tools like process mining to drive their new agenda.

Enterprise complexity is being repurposed for impact

By leveraging advances in process mining technology, cases for change are being built faster, at a lower cost, and optimization candidates (with measurable benefits) are being identified and delivered in weeks, not years.

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Process mining captures the ‘breadcrumbs’ left behind in business systems when a person, vendor, system, etc. interacts with a process. Process mining builds a precise, complete, and real-time picture of how a process is being executed. Including all deviations from design, rework, unnecessary actions, and lack of automation.

Leaders have realized that with complete visibility (and objectivity) into how their organizations work, across previously ‘too complex’ technology landscapes, transformation initiatives can precisely focus their efforts on what matters most.

Articulate your instincts and build a compelling case for change

With instant visibility into where a process needs to be improved, optimization candidates are identified, prioritized, and deployed rapidly.

Process mining can also be used to monitor the impact improvements have on an end-to-end process and protects your investment in change by identifying and addressing undesirable work practices in real time.

We want to free our customers’ people to better serve their customers. By showing the ‘as is’ state of a process as well as providing recommendations for improvement, UiPath Process Mining is turning process and system complexity into benefits at scale.

With scalability comes immense value to transformation initiatives.

Organizations need to compete with the complexity embedded in their critical, end-to-end business processes

UiPath Process Mining makes it possible for organizations to access the insights needed to see through the complexity embedded in the modern enterprise, and to identify all the benefits in their operations. However, true value is really unlocked when insights turn into action. With a world-class change agent in our automation platform on hand to embed optimizations, adopters of UiPath Process Mining are challenging complexity with confidence. And they’re having a profound impact on their people, organizations, and customers.

Executive takeaways

Process Mining:

  • Rapidly and objectively identifies issues and impacts

  • Builds a compelling, fact-based case for change

  • Prioritizes improvements for purpose

  • Collects the data needed to justify investments

  • Acts with our fully integrated UiPath Platform

  • Protect and sustains your investments

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Stuart Chambers

Advanced Products Sales Specialist, UiPath

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