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UiPath Bridge Program

Transforming non-profits through automation

Leading the ‘automation first’ era carries an immense responsibility

That’s why we started UiPath Bridge, an employee-driven program that bridges the gap between non-profits and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

While non-profits traditionally don’t have the funding or resources to leverage new digital technologies, they can experience the benefits of automation through the Bridge Program.

Giving 1,000,000 hours back to society

Through the Bridge program UiPath Employees, Partners, Customers, and Academic Alliance Students are creating a uniquely 21st century coalition.

We pledge to give non-profits at least one million hours to focus on their core mission. By automating manual, repetitive processes the world’s most pivotal organizations can reboot the way work gets done.


What happens when non-profits embrace automation?

When non-profits cross the automation bridge and embrace an ‘automation first’ mindset, they take the first step in starting their digital transformation. Non-profits can use automation to help address the pressures they face while achieving their core business objectives.

For example, when we worked with one of the most prominent child welfare non-profits in the nation, The New York Foundling, we were able to give back 100,000 hours of clinician's time by automating a simple data entry process. With this added capacity, the Foundling can focus on their core mission and really make a difference in the lives of children!

Who’s the Bridge Program for?

RPA developers — Share your expertise

When you serve society through RPA, you find your purpose.

  • Discover ample, curated opportunities to transform non-profits with automation
  • Improve your employee relationships across siloes
  • Mentor budding RPA developers

Non-profits — Get back to your core mission

RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 80%. In less than 12 months, most enterprises see a positive ROI.

  • Free up time to further your core mission
  • Remove monotonous work, and improve employee morale/retention
  • Get more visibility by leveraging co-marketing opportunities with UiPath (press releases, blogs, videos, etc)

RPA students — Learn and serve

Everything robots do is monitored. They execute reliably, reducing risk.

  • Get real world experience
  • Meet mentors across Business Analysis, Solution Design, Development, and more
  • Prove your RPA expertise to potential employers (UiPath, non-profits, UiPath customers, and UiPath partners)

How does it work?


Non-profits should meet the following requirements:

  • Must be a 501(c)(3) organization
  • The process owner must commit to capturing details of the potential automation
  • Manage and support the automation post go-live

Submit Ideas

UiPath selects processes based on selection criteria, overall impact to society, and the Bridge Program’s strategic objectives. Once admitted, non-profits will:

  • Receive a user profile within UiPath Connect Enterprise Hub for Nonprofits
  • Submit ideas through Connect Enterprise Hub

Process Selection (UiPath)

Once selected, the Bridge Program (representatives from UiPath, customers, partners, and universities) works hand-in-hand with the non-profit to deliver a production level automation


"We asked our clinicians what they’ll do with the extra 16 hours per month they have. Some said they want to participate in committees that they weren’t able to in the past due to their jobs being so busy; others said they want to complete advanced licensing education. But most said they want to be able to spend more time with the families the Foundling works with, especially those that are difficult to engage with or are at an acute point in their treatment.”

Dr. Sylvia Rowlands - NY Foundling, Senior Vice President, Evidence-Based Community Programs

Ready to learn more?

All processes submitted will be evaluated for inclusion into the Bridge Program, but not all processes will be approved for implementation. If your organization is not picked, your automation journey is not over! Check out UiPath Community Edition (free for non-profits) to start using RPA today or explore free training at UiPath Academy.